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I like this a lot. It's a nice mix of logical and lateral thinking for a puzzle game. The handrawn animation was quite nice. The way the decisions and events progressed over time reminded me of Eyezmaze's GROW games. Considering it's probably been almost a decade since I last played those, that was a pretty cool flashback of nostalgia to have. Good job all around, I hope to see more :)

Eyesmaze has made more grow games since then, I reccomend checking out the new ones!


So I'm not the only person that immediately thought of the GROW games!

I didn't realise they were so well known.

The fandom is big enough at least that any game with Grow-like mechanics will have a comment referring to them. Also we crowdfunded Eyesmaze to help them make more games recently too!


Hi Colin, sorry for the late reply !  Really glad you enjoyed my game, thx for the kind review  :)   This game was definitely inspired by Eyezmaze's Grow games. They are really gems and I always wondered why it never became a genre in itself !

I just bought this game, but it's unplayable on my laptop. :'(

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oh really Calliope ? Sorry about this ! please send me details of your configuration so I can look into it ! Are you on PC, Mac or Linux ? Is there any error message ?  I'm looking into refund options in case we can't make it work on your computer

I am on PC, there is an error message of "Can't create a OpenGL 3.3 Rendering Context" followed by another message immideiatly after saying "Your system's graphic drivers seem not to support OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 3.0, sorry. :( Godot Engine will self-destruct as soon as you anknowledge this error message" I'm not super sure what details I need to send, but my laptop is a five years old or so samsung, with pretty much everything standard still in place aside from a replaced hard drive.

Please try to update your graphic card's driver. You can also e-mail and request a refund.

Hope this will work ! And again, I'm sorry for this mishap Calliope !

The driver unfortunately appears to already be in it's most updated state. I tried to make it update via the device manager and it said that the current driver was already installed.

Is there only one solution? 

nope Jojo, there are 2 : one in which the frog dies, the other where it lives. But the endings are pretty similar  :)

Well now I have to go back and find out how to keep my Frog Prince alive

huh i guess i got the one where the frog doesn't die, i don't know if i wanna see the ending where he dies though :p i like him

OK, I love this little game, but I am stumped.  I think I have tried every combination.  Can I have one hint please?  Thanks.

well, the hint would depend on what stucks you. And I'd rather not post solutions here, so send me a PM and I'll try to help you subtly  :)

It is amazing! Really digging the art style, animations and gameplay. Very excited to see what future updates bring and how the game is further improved


Thanks for your support Afro Panda, here and on twitter  ^^   I'm still not sure what I'll be doing next but I hope it will be up to your expectations !

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perfect!!! great ideas and amazing animations/visual xD

p.s. sorry you monstruous_LINUX.7z file contain only "resource" without *.bin file ( is okey, work perfect)

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well thanks a lot Danil, glad you liked it !  :D              I'm gonna check this archive !


This is such a fantastic little gem! I would legitimately play through a whole narrative puzzle game where each encounter used this mechanic!

thank you Librarium Studios, that is sweet music to my heart !  :)

Hi, if you want, I know some games that use the same mechanics, check out :

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