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Great game, I really liked the art style and puzzle mechanics.


omg this game was soo fun.

The characters are cute, the animation style is fun and the sounds are a nice cake icing. 10/10 would play a sequel! <3


Thanks Marandal !   I did my best and am so glad to see that it still sparkles joy !  I hope to get a perfect score in your <3 again with my next game   :)

interesting game and it would be great to have another one with the same style, because it can be just like Sally Face or Fran Bow. 10/10

Thanks Haskispire !  Although... mine is not quite as horrific XD  I can't play horror games, let alone make one  :)

i would create such game on my own, but i'm programmer and i don't have skills of professional artist, so what i can draw is minimalist art for minimalist games.

The soundtrack and visuals are great, but it can make you feel like a real idiot when you can't figure out such a simple game. I solved it in a lot more time than it should take but I did in the end, be it quite frustrated. Definitely played better with others so they can tell you when you're overlooking something.

Hi Saragraph !  Yes, it's not an easy game and can be frustrating if you're stuck...  I'm glad you managed to finish it in the end. My next game should be a bit longer and a bit easier to handle  :)

You're making a new game? Awesome!

haha yes, but it won't be available anytime soon though  XD

I luv the arte and soundtrack! Really immersive experience.

thx Leko  <3


Good game! Everything from the visuals to the soundtrack to the attacks were great.

ahha so nice watching you getting more and more involved into the game as you figure out how to get the actions to work together, Alanerd  ^^  (I'm so glad I put a fast-forward button !)


This game was actually quite fun. I love how everything is animated as it gives the characters life and actually pretty funny to watch. Although the game is simple, it is pretty interesting seeing what each and every action does and gives hints to the player on how to fix the puzzle. I love it.

Thx Allekid for playing it through, glad you enjoyed it !  :)

Awesome game. really creative! Beautiful art-style. Excellent execution!


Oh wow, what an honor ! :D  Thanks Nande !

i loved it :D

Thx Gureenu !  ;)

Felt super satisfying to figure it out what a joy!

Haha, very glad you enjoyed playing and solving it, Prisma !  :)

Really loved this game and only wish there was MORE!!! Great job and I cannot wait to see what comes next

Hi Nugget, thanks for your genuine & funny reactions !  :)  Very glad you persevered and finally succeded with the frog prince still living  ^_^

Was proud to have beaten it until I read this.. Couldn't figure out how to keep frog prince alive

Delightful game, the art design both impressed and made me chuckle a lot, and the puzzle was cleverly put together.


"and now we're going to have a... jam on the corpse of the monster" haha yeah, that's the spirit  ^^  Thanks MG for reviewing it !

Beautiful <3

Thx Teddy !  <3

loved this! hope to see more monsters to kill!


Haha are videogames really about killing stuff ? Meeeeh, I guess they are !

Happy to see it got you in a killing mood  :)

this is so interesting I absolutely enjoy your art style, remind me of adventure time snd midnight gossip but more scary!

Thx Yi, they are indeed very important art references for me  :)   Glad you enjoyed it!

Really love this game - the visuals are obviously gorgeous but it's so easy to get addicted until you finish it. 

How can I contact you about a maybe kinda-cool thing?

Hi Ryan ! Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message here. Thanx for your kind review, glad you enjoyed my game ! I sent you a mail


A fun looking game some neat animations. It is pretty short, but its obvious that the creator put in a lot of work to make all the charming little animations.

I did ! ;D    Thanks for your sweet comment  :)

That was very interesting and really fun!

I adore the visual design and the animations are smooth. The music and sound effect do a nice job too.

I believe that a longer game doing the same kind of puzzle would became repetitive soon and, thus, having a single combat puts it into the right length. However, i would not mind trying a game that expands the worlds with varied  puzzles and situations .

Thank you for making the game!

Hi Perlta ! Thanks for playing the game and for this kind developed review ! the original plan was to make 1 level like that and maybe afterwards make some others, maybe with different styles or tones. But making this 1 game proved to be veeery long and yes, I'm not sure making others just like that would be interesting as you have certain patterns really hard to change, like having to activate the slowest options first (here trumpet and coffee).

I might make an other game, but more like a puzzle / escape game this time and kind of the same visuals. As coding is not my strong point, I naturally go towards easy-to-code games  :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, you have proven that having strong coding skills is in no way required to make a great game, then. :)

Excellent. On avance dans la déduction à un bon rythme : J’ai mis pas mal d’essai à y arriver mais à chaque essai je comprenais quelque chose de nouveau. Et les anims sont très drôles. Par contre c’est vraiment cruel.

Haha oui c'est cruel ! Mais du coup je trouve ça marrant de me dire qu'il y a des joueurs qui ne veulent pas tuer la créature (on ne sait même pas pourquoi il faudrait la tuer d'ailleurs) mais qui vont le faire quand même parce qu'ils veulent jouer ^^  Merci pour ton retour Léon, ça fait plaisir !


It reminded me of fighting monsters in the woods near my house as a kid.


Thanks for your kind review ! Iif you have monsters like this one anywhere near your house, I would recommend burning down the woods entirely  XD  


thanks Monochroma  ^^


Amazing game! Loved the animations and the humour :)

Oww, thank you Friendly Lama !  ^^


The art here was great. More story than I had expected but I'm all the more pleased by it! I hope you enjoy my video I made

Your game starts at 3:14

Thanks LordofNope for your kind review  :)


진짜 훌륭한게임입니다.. 신박하고 애니메이션도 깔끔하고 

really fantastic game ! creative, newable and smoothly rendered animation

고마워 Kianupark !!  Very glad you enjoyed it  :)

Soooooo cute! ! ! ! This work❤❤

Whether it's art style or skill animation, it's very cute.

Looking forward to the next story

Ooow  Thanks a lot Caicai  ❤


Such an awesome little game. I'd love to see it expanded on!

Animations and art style were very perfect and it was fun figuring out what that all the abilities did.

Thanks Samao for this kind note. I'm very glad you enjoyed the game that much  :)  "very perfect" is a strong compliment haha  ^^

What a crazy game. We liked it very much.

At first we always had to sacrifice the frog to succed but we found the right combination eventualy. :)


Hi ! Thanks so much for this kind review. Glad you enjoyed the game !  ^^


Couldn't open on Mac v10.14.3

Hi Louis, I'm sorry to hear that...  Which Mac OS version are you using ?

Sorry for the late reply.. 

I'm using Mac Mojave 10.14.4

I also could not open on my mac, using Catalina 10.15.2 just wouldn't open, usually i can give app permission, but nada. 

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Overall, it's a very cute game. A mini-world of enormous creativity. Loved the designs, the animation and the final music! Reminds me of those early puzzle flash games.

Would play a full game, if there's any in the future.

Thanks Borza ! Slowly working on something new, but not a sequel  :)  Hopefully you'll like it as much as you did monstrüous  ^^

Very delightful animation! Would buy a full game if there was one

Haha thank you Oori ! Don't expect a full game anytime soon though, these things take time  ;)

Oh definitely take your time! I think I definitely recognize it if you made a full game years later.

Hey Arnaud, excellent animation! Was it done using flash or photoshop?

Hey, thanks Sebas ! No, it's TV Paint :     :)

Played, replayed to find animations I missed, came back to donate. Thanks for this delightful little creation!

Wow, I'm very glad you found it that interesting SabreCat !!  Thank you !    :D


thanks !  :)

this is the second ending, i got it after a read the frog dies but still finishing the game. it took me 2 3 tries to got this :D


It took me a while to get the ending where the frog dies but I was sad when that happened so I sifted through comments for the other ending to see if it was different, It isn't... But It's very awesome! Is it a demo? If so will the finished game be on Steam?

Hi Ben ! Sorry for the disappointment, at least you got to see the frog dance and got a sense of accomplishment. It's not a demo, more like a first short game to see if I could make one and now I'd like to make a second game which would be pretty different, to explore a new genre

Ok! It was still a very awesome little game and i enjoyed it quite a bit, I`m excited to see what other games you will publish on itch!

Loved it!

cool, thanks ansimuz !    :D

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Love it!!

It's very popular on a website  in China!

hahaha, THAT is awesome ! Thanks for letting me know that it went all the way to China ! I can't understand a single word that he's saying but his acting/editing is hilarious  :D

An excellent game!

The animations were all very fluid and lovely. I enjoyed trying to solve the puzzle, and though I was sorely tempted to just look up how to solve it, I'm glad I didn't. I actually thought it through, and got the ending where the frog fella lives! I won't get the other one, tho, I don't want him to die! I especially like the warrior lady and her tea. 

I would love to play a full game with similar mechanics to these! 


Thanks for holding on till the end O-Gin !  :D    That's a very nice feedback you give me here, and you're not the first to say the horse lady is your favourite... that's funny, I thought the little robot with the party hat would get all the love  :)

You're welcome :) Maybe it is because the horse lady is so easy to understand. Her first action is hitting, and second is drinking tea to hop her up, so she does real damage. Easy to put together XD

But for everyone else, you have to link their actions all together-like frog's trumpet charges the sorcerer's bubbles, and robot breaks the sorcerer's bubbles. But horse lady stands on her own. Sorta!

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I tried to play the game, but at a certain point the images stop and I can not see anything anymore, but the game continues to work as if nothing had happened.

P.S. using high performance graphics I had no problems, but I do not understand why with the default graphics it has problems

(1 edit)

Hi Dart, sorry that you experienced difficulties running the game with your default configuration...

It is due to the game being fully animated, and to me not being a skilled programmer, so it's certainly not perfectly optimized... 

I hope you still were able to run and enjoy the game though !

Such an amazing little game! I love the visuals, very creative :)

Yoohoo, Victory then !!  Thanks Yound Nacho !  ;)

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